Is Your Business Niche Profitable - Pinpoint & Monetize Your Genius

Find Out the "Must Have" Criteria for A Profitable Business Niche


Create A Business Built For You - By You

Many entrepreneurs have built businesses in unprofitable niches or niches that they don't particularly care for. If you are a current entrepreneur or a prospective entrepreneur this is a workshop you do not want to miss. Join Jay Jones as he will help you identify the characteristics of a profitable business niche and how to transform that information into a business of profit and personal fulfillment.


  • If you are a current or prospective entrepreneur
  • You want to create a profitable business built around your "genius"
  • You want clarity and direction for your business
  • You want to make money doing what you were designed to do
  • You want your business to be fulfilling


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Jay Jones

Jay Jones a serial entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, and podcast host of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint who works with entrepreneurs worldwide to help them launch, build, and grow successful, sustainable businesses. Jay has launched over seventeen businesses and built two multimillion-dollar companies along the way.

After five years in corporate America as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch and a stint as an advertising executive, I decided to “Bet on myself” and started my first business. I believe in the concept of “Do for Self”, where people utilize their own talents and skills to create their own businesses, control their own destiny, and build generational wealth.

I Was Trying to Build My Business the Wrong Way

I spoke with Jay on several occasions and he helped me examine my business and my internal purpose and helped me create a business that was not only profitable but also allowed me to work within my "genius."

I was confused and lacked a specific direction for my business and I kept getting distracted by shiny new objects and new software unto the point that I couldn't get anything accomplished. I was working in a niche that didn't meet the criteria of a profitable niche and I was wondering why I was failing. 

Thank you so much for the clarity and direction to get me where I needed to be. I created a business that was customized just for me.